Music-Evoked Imagery Workshop, June 6, 2014, 3:00–4:00 pm

I am providing an introduction to music-evoked imagery (MEI) at the 2014 League of Canadian Poets conference.

MEI is a music-centred exploration of consciousness derived from pioneering music therapy research. During MEI dyadic sessions, various imagery forms — visual, auditory, sensory, memory, movement — are experienced when listening to music in an altered state of consciousness while dialoguing with a trained facilitator.

We will explore how MEI stimulates creative process. The history of MEI will be explained, and session components will be described. We will engage with music and discuss the effects of group MEI for its potential to stimulate poetry. Although music can elicit creativity, the poet must then accomplish the heavy lifting of acquiring skill and honing craft.

For information about the LCP conference and registration:

Read about music-evoked imagery for creative process: Music-Evoked Imagery.

Read Debbie Okun Hill’s reflections:

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