Writing is a kind of wrestling with the opacities of our own understanding, with the limits of the language we use. And like Jacob’s wrestling with the angel, it is done to win a blessing.  Pat Lowther, “A Kind of Wrestling,” ca. 1964-65.

I am a published author and poet with a PhD in Adult Education and expertise in music therapy. You can link to samples of my writing, below.

You can access my poetry profile here. You can access my poetry collection, some conditions apply, from Inanna Publications, your preferred bookseller, or your library.

Publications & Samples


Rykov, M. H. Auerbach. (Spring 2024). salt. [poem] Literary Review of Canada.

Blog Posts

Rykov, M. H. (16 August 2022). Reflections on Mentoring.

Rykov, M. H. Auerbach (16 July 2021). COVID Kitty.

Rykov, M. H. Auerbach (11 February 2020). Dandelions?

Rykov, M. H. Auerbach. (13 November 2019). What’s Your Score?


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Conference Proceedings

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