Editors Canada: Editing Student Texts

Editors Canada is pleased to announce the new Guidelines for Ethical Editing of Student Texts.

Thanks to Editors Canada member Mary Rykov and other volunteers, we now have revised guidelines and a permission form that address both graduate and undergraduate student work and that refer to the updated Professional Editorial Standards (2016). The guidelines are based on research with university administrators and members of Editors Canada who have experience in working with student texts.

The new guidelines include three separate documents:

  • guidelines for editing undergraduate student texts
  • guidelines for editing graduate texts
  • a permission form 

If you edit student work, we’d like you to try these out in your day-to-day work and then let us know how they are working for you. We’d also like to know if members think these need to be voted on at an annual general meeting. Send your comments or questions to director_standards@editors.ca.

Tania Cheffins
Director of Professional Standards

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