23 Nov 2021, Editors Toronto Seminar

For Editors Toronto:

“Guidelines for Ethical Editing of Student Texts”

Join Editors Toronto on Tuesday, November 23, at 7:00 pm EST via Zoom for “The Purpose and Rationale Behind the ‘Guidelines for Ethical Editing of Student Texts.’”

Are you an academic editor or someone who works with student texts? Have you ever had questions about what is appropriate when editing student work that will be graded? To find the answers, join us this month and learn about the purpose of Editors Canada’s “Guidelines for Ethical Editing of Student Texts” and the reason for its recent revision.

Mary Rykov, academic editor and project lead for the guideline update, will provide us with an in-depth explanation, as well as several harrowing tales of what can go wrong in the realm of academic editing.

About the speaker:

Mary Rykov received a 2019 President’s Award for Volunteer Service as project lead in updating the “Guidelines for Ethical Editing of Student Texts.” Her 2019 webinar, “Academic Editing Beyond Basics,” is available from Editors Canada. In 2020, Mary published a book of poetry, some conditions apply. Visit Mary’s website to learn more.

6:55 pm — Zoom meeting opens
7:05 pm — Land recognition & opening remarks
7:10 pm — Editors Toronto Business Meeting
7:30 pm — Mary Rykov
8:15 pm — Q&A
8:30 pm — Closing remarks

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